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For running, you need a shoe that fits you perfectly and gives you the comfort that is needed when you are scaling the roads. If you are wearing your regular sandal or slippers for running too, your feet are in great danger.

A good running sneaker can protect your feet from damage and injury while you focus only on what is important: your run. Hence, you can check out the list of Top 10 best running shoes for men that we have curated.

Before delving into the choices of running shoe, let us find out the features that you need to look out for while choosing the best one for yourself. Here are some of the points you need to keep in mind:

  • Right Size: This is important, but for running shoes? Inevitable. If you experience pain or a feeling of suffocation while you are in the middle of your run, it can be the wrong size of your pair. Your shoe must not be very tight, neither very loose. Doctors also recommend leaving out enough space in front of toe to help it move freely inside. Be careful while selecting the size.

  • Right Shape: Many people tend to ignore this, but apart from the size, the shape of the shoe makes a huge difference. There are different types of shapes, such as narrow, wide and so on. You need to choose one according to your foot shape and comfort. If you have a wide-feet, wearing a lean-shaped shoe can lead to discomfort.

  • Arch type: Everyone’s feet have a particular arch type. You have one too. The two main arch types are flat feet and a high arch. It will be best if you can find out which category of arch type your feet fall in beforehand. This can play a major role in selecting the correct pair of running shoes for yourself.

  • Comfort over style: Yes, you heard it right. While many shoe manufacturers are willing to blend both the style quotient and the comfort levels in a running shoe. However, never go for the one that only looks good and does not serve the actual purpose.

  • Snug fit: When we said your running sneaker does not have to be tight to correctly fit you, we meant it should only fit you snugly. It will keep your feet protected, warm and cosy, and not too tight nor too loose.

  • Breathable: Look into the fabric. It should be breathable so that your feet do not suffocate while you are achieving another mile. Preferably, the best fabrics for upper-sole are synthetic and mesh. These fabrics will help in freely passing the air through the shoe.

  • Moisture-control: To keep your feet from smelling bad, some of the shoes in our list also include the facility of moisture-control. The sweat that accumulates while you run makes a home for the harmless germs or bacteria in your shoe. In this case, you can opt for moisture-controlling shoes that prevent bad odour, germ buildup and sweat accumulation.

  • Brand preference: Maybe you are wearing a brand for a long time and you trust their quality, it will be best if you could stick to their sports option too. If you want to switch, compare the shoes to get the best results.

  • Budget: No, it will not cost you a fortune. You can find the right pair within your budget and it will serve you for a long time. Just be wise.

1. Nike Men’s Air Max Torch 4 running shoes

Starting from the higher range, this shoe offers you premium quality and luxury experience in your running venture. True to the sporty feeling, this Nike shoe is the best choice for the heavy runners who are looking for a long-lasting, durable and sustainable option.

You will surely get the sportsman feeling as it is tried and tested by several sportspeople. 100% original, Nike Air Max Torch 4 has a breathable upper mesh detailing, a Phylon midsole and Max Air unit through the forefoot to the heel for excellent cushioning.

It also features in Amazon best sellers list. Customers have given great reviews for its comfortable and secured fit as well as higher ratings for its authenticity.

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost 13 running shoe

Do you want to add a touch of style to your running shoe, but do not want to compromise on the quality? Then Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe is perfect for you. The picture will tell you how every detailing is maintained in the making of the shoe. It also comes in a wide attractive colour variant that you can choose from. You can also utilise the Brooks Ghost 13 for your road running, cross-training or for your gym workouts as it provides high energizing cushioning which gives neutral support to your feet. To give you a smooth running experience, Brooks also offers improved transitions to provide zero distractions. Though BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning of the shoe has the softest and the light-weight feeling, it does not lose its responsiveness and durability.

Additionally, Brooks Ghost 13 has many new features such as Segmented Crash Pad for shock absorption, newly engineered mesh and 3D Fit Print for a secure fit.

3. Saucony Men’s Guide 13 running shoe

Another well-known brand to feature in the Top 10 best running shoes for men is Saucony Store. It is popular for its sports shoes, and Men’s Guide 13 running shoe is a great option if you want to achieve some extra miles. Saucony shoes’ just-right softness is responsive and long-lasting. Guide 13 has the new PWRRUN cushioning system and the new medial TPU guidance frame. Saucony also supports a wide range of foot-shapes and arches with its FORMFIT system to give you a customized feeling. With a five-star rating and great buyer reviews, Saucony Guide 13 men’s running shoe can be your perfect running companion.

4. ALTRA Men’s Lone Peak 4.5 Trail running shoe

Designed for the best grip and anti-slip effect, this shoe from ALTRA store is exceptional for trail running. Made in the USA, and comes with moderate cushioning, the updated version of ALTRA’s popular trail shoes is an introduction to flexibility and comfort. This shoe includes attractive features like StoneGuard, FootShape toe box, MaxTrac and an enhanced midsole foam formula.

The lacing system gives you the chance to micro-adjust according to your foot and the midsole gives your underfoot a resilient feeling. Choose this trail shoe if you have a flat or wider foot to experience a snug feeling while you are running. Select the right size and a suitable color to witness the blend of style with comfort.

5. Nike Tanjun Fabric Low Top running shoe for men

The 5th shoe in the list of Top 10 best running shoes for men in the US is comparatively an affordable option but as effective as the ones mentioned above. If you have a certain budget but want a good quality running shoe, you can go for Nike Tanjun Fabric Low Top running shoe.

Tanjun means “simplicity” in Japanese, and this shoe holds to its meaning. The simple yet modern design of the shoe gives you an elevated everyday look. The synthetic sole and mesh upper are flexible and breathable. Moreover, the injected unit-sole is best for lightweight cushioning. Nike store also guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and easy return policy.

6. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM running shoe

Get yourself a good branded shoe without burning a hole in your pocket. Available in unique color combinations, this PUMA shoe is suitable for everyday use as well as running and moderate training. Though cheaper than the above-mentioned shoes, it is packed with good features. This running shoe has a synthetic leather as its upper layer with midfoot saddle and EVA in the heels for maximum fit and shock or impact absorption.

This water-resistant shoe has garnered commendable reviews for its sleek look and snug fit. Easy return and exchange are also available for select sizes as PUMA has a name for 100% customer satisfaction.

7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Trail running shoe

The 7th of the Top 10 best running shoes for men in the US is the ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Trail running shoe. This ASICS shoe stands out for its excellent moisture management. The Ortholite X-40 Sockliner in the shoe features high quality of rebound properties which also contributes to higher-level of breathability in the shoe. The synthetic and mesh upper layer adds to its light and breathy feeling. This trail running shoe includes reliable GEL technology and EVA midsole for a comfortable fit. The AHAR rubber outsole has been placed in critical areas for exceptional durability. You can check out the buyer reviews and several 5+ ratings for better understanding.

8. Adidas Men’s Lite Racer CLN running shoe

Another well-known brand in a budget is Adidas’ Men’s Lite Racer CLN running shoe. A lightweight shoe with moderate cushioning, it offers superior comfort. This shoe has a simple look with flashy racer style and a tongue, as well as heel, pulls for easy on and off. You can easily slide your feet in the shoes which also offers lace-up micro-adjustments. Adidas Lite Racer CLN shoe can be worn while your everyday runs, gym training or regular use to protect your feet from the everyday hustle.

Try to get the perfect measurements of your shoe size if you are buying online. According to the customer reviews, this shoe is more suitable for the narrow foot shape holders. Hence, choose the one that effortlessly accommodates your feet.

9. Feetmat Men’s Non-Slip running shoes

f you are just starting and do not want to invest in a high-end shoe, you can check out Feetmat’s non-slip running sneakers. This sneaker has a fashionable look and effectively gives you company in your first few miles. Feetmat has a non-slip technology that includes anti-twist, abrasion-resistant, and anti-slip performance with enhanced impact cushioning. The insole of the shoe is also comfortable and will save you from blisters. On top of that, in this budget, you will get a moisture-free experience with breathable mesh upper-sole that will keep your feet dry and cool. Feetmat also ensures an excellent shopping experience and you can contact them freely if any issue arises.

10. KEEZMZ Men’s running shoes

The last one of the Top 10 best running shoes for men is the most affordable option yet one that balances between both style and comfort simultaneously. KEEZMZ Men’s running sneaker has all the features that you need in the shoe but at a lower price. The sole is made of fabric and it is breathable as well as super light for everyday running. The outsole has a high elastic MD that prevents the shoe from slipping. KEEZMZ shoe manufacturing company is also environment friendly and builds the shoe with safe environmental protection material. You can wear this to your daily running sessions, your gym workouts and your office as well. KEEZMZ claims to be true to its size, so you do not have to worry about that too. In case of any issue, the company accepts easy and free returns.

Here is the list of the Top 10 best running shoes for men which we have articulated by selecting the bests from the vast range of shoe choices available in the market. This list considers your style preferences, comfort quotient, your budget and many more to make your task easy. Just click on the quick links to know more details about the shoe. Do not forget to write a review based on your experience to help others in selecting their choice of sneaker too.

Happy Running! Cheers

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